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Don’t let this parade be our last

Dear Residents of Queniborough, We implore you to stand up and be counted. Remembrance Sunday falls on one day a year, and it is a chance for us, as a community, to pay respects to those who laid down their lives for us. However, with every passing year, it is becoming more and more difficult to organise the parade that has been an integral part of Queniborough for so many decades now.

To put it bluntly: The low turnout for each parade has been used to justify a decrease in the support of public services and an increase in the amount of hoops we have to jump through just to make this happen, and if we continue on this trend, we may well see the end of the parade altogether. We understand that in this day and age, people are busy with jobs, family commitments and life in general, so we will not see everyone in our community on the 11th of November, but for the sake of community spirit, we hope to see as many as possible. Whether you have lived here for most of your life, or you've just arrived, you are not only welcome, but wanted.

The event can be split into two parts, the main parade including the reading of the names outside of the War Memorial, and the Church service that follows after. Though every person is welcome to both, we understand that some may not wish to attend the church service, for many different reasons, to which I would say to you, at least attend the parade. It will only be a small portion of your morning, but it will help ensure that this tradition can continue long into the future.

We will set off from Primrose Way at 10am, and walk less than a mile to the War Memorial at St. Mary's Church to arrive there for 10:15am for the wreath laying ceremony. This parade will be lead by the youth of Queniborough, and members of Queniborough's Royal British Legion. The road will be closed temporarily to accommodate this, and we hope you can bare with us for the short time it takes the parade to pass should you be unable to join us. But, if you don't have to dash, and are interested in keeping this tradition alive, you are more than welcome to join us for any stretch of this journey.

So to conclude, if you care about the parade and wish to see it continue, join us. If you care, and are able to do so, then don't watch from your doorsteps, from your windows or the sidelines. Don’t let this parade be our last, grab your coats and march with us. Spend a fraction of your time and come join your community in supporting a tradition that honours those men from our own village who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.

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